IoT solutions for industry 4.0 and remote applications – easy setup and flexible solutions

Whether you want to measure humidity or temperature, monitor vibrations/movement or count various inputs, all you need is is a Skylark easySensor.

The sensor works out of the box and can easily be be placed where it’s needed. 

Power on the easySensor, and data are flowing – it’s that simple! Our Plug &  Log philosophy promise you data in the cloud within 10 minutes.


With your personal Dashboard, you are able to monitor your data, and with build-in notification features, you can define various thresholds and get notified if exceeded.

The Skylark easySensor makes SENSE

How Skylark easySensor works

Power in the easySensor and choose your prefered connection. The Skylark easySensor is now transmitting data directly to your preconfigured dashboard in our Omnia Cloud.
We build your electronics
IoT solutions
We build your electronics
We build your electronics

Simple and easy installation

Connect sensors to the gateway
Initial installation 25%
Connect gateway to mains
Installation 50%
Access your Omnia cloud to verify sensors
Verify sensor connection 75%
Define notifications and dashboard
Completion 100%


Use your existing network on a seperate VLAN with ethernet or WiFi to communicate directly to our secure Omnia Cloud

With low power consumption, low cost and secure data transmission the LoRaWAN network is a compelling communication standard for places where ethernet/WiFi is not applicable or you want the communication independent of your corporate network.

With low data transmissions and battery powered devices NB-IoT is suitable for remote applications and applications where the update frequency is less important than the data received.

With a 4G modem you are able to send and receive more data to the application without the same limits as NB-IoT. This makes the 4G modem compelling for applications where frequently data is essential and critical.