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The effects of climate change are visible and severe. We want to help both people and planet by collecting crucial data through our IoT solutions and help provide timely knowledge from even the roughest environments.

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Climate changescause uncertainty

The Earth is already experiencing the effects of climate change. As the planet warms up, our oceans get warmer, glaciers melt, and sea levels rise. This causes erosion of our coastal lines and destroys the natural habitat for humans, animals, and plants that live near the oceans.

These threats are accompanied by weather conditions such as heat waves, droughts, storms and floods becoming more frequent and intense.

As these conditions worsen, they will increasingly pose a threat to our communities and livelihoods by putting pressure on everything from cities and infrastructure to resources like water, air and land. As a result, it is important to know when and where these changes are happening in order to action.

Sustainable Development Goals

We want our IoT environmental solutions to make a difference to the challenges of climate change. To ensure this we work extensively with Sustainable Development Goal 9.

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Early warning with IoT

Micro Technic wants to make a difference by making cities safe, resilient, and reducing the economic loss and number of people affected by natural disasters.

With our Skylark IoT solution we can monitor and predict climate changes, which gives you a chance to combat problems before they turn hazardous.

We are engaged in the environmental area since early warning with insights from our IoT solutions could be the difference between life and death.

Our focus on green energy liberates our IoT datalogger from needing a traditional power supply, which means that they can be deployed on the highest mountains, the stormiest coastal areas or the most remote regions in the world.

We transform your ideas to IoT solutions customized to fit your needs.

Our standard IoT Solution Skylark may not solve your challenges.

We want to be your innovative partner. The Engineering Campfire is a creative IoT workshop where our talented engineers help transform your vision and great ideas to IoT solutions that improve and adds value to your business.

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  • Cautus Geo - Cautus Geo ensures peoples safety with early warning systems in unstable land areas. We collaborated on an IoT monitoring solutions for avalanches and landslides.
  • Project Automation - Project Automation monitor weather conditions in order to prevent damages from floods and landslides. We collaborated on an IoT  solution that ensures alerts and secure citizens against flooding.
  • Swarco Technologies - Swarco Technologies works with traffic management solutions for a better quality of life in our cities and communities. We collaborated on an IoT monitoring solution for traffic in Amsterdam.

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