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We create IoT solutions for a sustainable world and want to inspire and educate our customers in the endless possibilities IoT technology offer. We hope to motivate you to hear about how collecting your data can make a difference for you and your business.

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Discover how insights can give you the power to make a difference, not only for your business but for the world. With our IoT concept Skylark, we collect your data and provide you with essential insights that can make you rethink your choices. The Skylark IoT portfolio consist of various IoT devices, which offer different choices of datalogging.

In addition to the IoT devices we give you easy access to your IoT devices with the IoT platform Skylark LIVE. With this device management system, you will be able to connect, monitor and upgrade your IoT devices whenever, wherever.

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Discover thepower of IoT!

IoT Environmental Solutions - Skylark IoT solutions


Climate change increases the intensity and dangerous impacts of storms, floods, droughts and weather. Our IoT solution can help by giving you crucial data in the roughest environments.

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Traffic solutions - IoT solutions - Environment


The increasing population in cities puts a strain on the traffic, the economy and our health. Our IoT Traffic solutions can collect data that help increase safety, streamline traffic and improve sustainability.

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Manufacturing solutions - Sustainable manufacturing


Sustainable manufacturing is all about optimizing your production process and making it more profitable. Insights from our IoT Manufacturing solutions can improve your efficiency, economy and sustainability.

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IoT Agriculture Solutions - Smarter farming with IoT


Modern agriculture has to respond to rising demand and the effects of climate change on soil, water and land. Our IoT Agriculture solutions can help you use your resources to the fullest.

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A partnership is a two-way street. A good collaboration with our partners contributes to innovative and sustainable solutions using IoT technology.

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We want to be your innovative partner. The Engineering Campfire is a creative IoT workshop where our talented engineers help transform your vision and great ideas to IoT solutions that improve and adds value to your business.

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