For more than 40 years, Micro Technic has been a specialist in electronics production for the industrial market. We provide EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) and we can be your all-in-one supplier of electronics and software with our in-house procurement, production, and development options.

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Building Your Solutions

Micro Technic Employee wokring on a PCB print

Companies will often focus on their core business. Outsourcing their electronics production provides flexibility and increased competitiveness.

Quality, reliability, and fair prices are important cornerstones for our production.”

Frank Max Laursen
CEO Micro Technic

Electronics assembly

Our skilled employees work with great care, efficiency, and know-how. Combined with our advanced electronics factory, we are your competent partner on every industrial electronics and systems manufacturing level.

We offer both development and production, Micro Technic and can be your all-in-one solution placed under one roof. This allows us to go from prototype to full-scale production seamlessly. Our factory is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified, and we ensure that all standards are met when collaborating with external auditors.

PCB Print at Micro Technic meticulous work
Warehouse employee from Micro Technic

Vendor-managed inventory

We can store your products until your customers require them. Our logistics service covers financing for your inventory of finished PCBAs and/or complete products.

This means you can begin your electronics production at our factory without concerns regarding costly inventory expenses. We guarantee timely delivery to you and your customers, precisely when needed.

Micro Technic your competent

all-in-one solution

Prototype service

At Micro Technic, we provide a highly skilled team of engineers and technicians who will assist you during the design phase of your upcoming product.

With our extensive expertise in Design-for-Manufacturing and relevant qualifications, we will help create your prototype, based on in-depth discussions and consultations about your product’s design and specifications.

Trust us to deliver the highest quality of service and ensure your product design is optimized for manufacturing.

Micro Technic employee in the SMT
Micro technic employee working on PCB print

Test and programming

At Micro Technic, we offer a comprehensive functional test for all electrical components prior to delivery, tailored to the complexity of the product. This ensures customer satisfaction and reduces costs.

Additionally, we provide software and image loading, as well as application and operating system installation services. Our facility can also store test data, making it easy for you to track results for specific PCBs.


An increasing number of clients are searching for comprehensive solutions that include mechanical assembly, software installation, and customized packaging delivery. Our company has a specialized production line that skillfully builds your units based on your precise specifications.

Micro Technic assumes the responsibility of handling the entire process, from acquiring mechanical components from suppliers to organizing logistics and carrying out product assembly with the highest level of attention to timing, cost, and quality.

Micro Technic Employee in box-build

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  • Cautus Geo - Cautus Geo ensures peoples safety with early warning systems in unstable land areas. We collaborated on an IoT monitoring solutions for avalanches and landslides.
  • Project Automation - Project Automation monitor weather conditions in order to prevent damages from floods and landslides. We collaborated on an IoT  solution that ensures alerts and secure citizens against flooding.
  • Swarco Technologies - Swarco Technologies works with traffic management solutions for a better quality of life in our cities and communities. We collaborated on an IoT monitoring solution for traffic in Amsterdam.
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