Electronic Development

We remove the complexity in technology and develop designs that meet your requirements and needs. We also ensure a cost-effective production plan.

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We develop & designelectronic solutions

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Our team will assist you throughout the entire process, starting with the idea phase and moving on to project description, requirement specification, prototype development, regulatory testing, and ongoing series production.

We don’t develop just for the sake of it. We develop for the benefit of our customers – both new and old.”

Frank Max Laursen
CEO Micro Technic

Electronic development

At Micro Technic, our dedicated development and technician departments specialize in creating bespoke electronic controls and semi-finished goods.

With years of experience, our skilled developers and technicians provide valuable early-stage advice, guide you through the development process, and offer support with product development and production. We work closely with our clients to ensure a fast route from idea to finished products.

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Hardware design

Micro Technic specializes in designing embedded systems, power supplies, industrial PCs, and industrial machine controls.

Our primary goal is to develop dependable and effective devices for a variety of industries. With our know-how in hardware and software design and production, you will be ensured a complete solution where the developed product will be all set for production.

Micro Technic yourcomprehensive all-in-one solution

Micro Technic er din kompetente alt-i-en løsning

PCB Layout

Our designs are carefully crafted to ensure they can be produced efficiently. The designers work closely with our PTA department to prepare everything necessary for the printing process.

We prioritize both the functionality and quality of the product while also optimizing production costs.

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Close-up of a PSB

Udvikling af systemdesign

Design for Manufacturing is an aspect that demands expertise in both electronic development and production. Our unique strength lies in our collaborative approach, providing our customers with exceptional expertise in both areas.

Our employees possess a versatile knowledge of processes built through the diverse range of tasks we have undertaken across various industries.

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