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VIKING ensures maritime safety on a global scale.

In collaboration with VIKING, we have developed and produced a light signalling system for their lifeboats, ensuring safety during evacuation needs on ships.

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Maritime safety

Keld Ravnmark Micro Technic

We are proud to contribute to the manufacturing of products that can save lives. Although our light regulator is only a small part of Viking’s safety equipment, we understand the importance of delivering products of high quality, when manufacturing safety products.”

Keld Ravnmark
SBU Manager EMS, Micro Technic

The Background

Maritime safety is crucial as human lives are at stake. VIKING delivers high-quality products, understanding that every detail from lifeboats to personal protective equipment plays a crucial role in preserving lives. Prioritizing safety is the key to responsible and careful navigation at sea.”

Ship, container, maritime, shipping
Ship safety, sailor, maritime shipping

The need

VIKING needed assistance with the development of an efficient light signalling system for their lifeboats, focusing on safe and effective crew evacuation in emergencies. To meet this need, they sought external help to create a reliable light signalling system that could ensure dependable functionality during sea evacuations. The collaboration aimed to deliver a solution in line with VIKING’s high safety standards to ensure the safety of those relying on their lifeboats.

Micro Technic are your
competent all-in-one solution

Micro Technic er din kompetente alt-i-en løsning

The solution

Micro Technic has provided an all-in-one solution, where we have assisted with product development, EMS production, and assembly in box-build. This has made us an integral part of a comprehensive solution, ensuring not only a seamless development and production process but also enabling us to maintain high quality throughout the product’s entire journey. Our commitment to quality assurance has ensured a reliable and durable end-product solution.

viking safety raft Micro Technic case story

The result

As a result, our collaboration with VIKING has led to the development of a sturdy and functional light signalling solution that plays a vital role in their lifeboat safety systems. With our expertise as box-builders, we assure strict compliance with rigorous standards, guaranteeing the manufacturing of dependable products that perform reliably during critical moments.

We are proud to supply the light signalling solution for VIKING and contribute to the improvement of maritime safety.

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