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Frank Max Laursen Micro Technic CEO

Frank is the second generation of the founder, Finn Max Laursen. Since 2017 Frank has been CEO of Micro Technic.

“As CEO of Micro Technic, I insist that we must take our role in bringing the carbon footprint to a minimum by creating technology that helps all parts of the value chain to comply with this goal”

Claus Hønborg CFO Micro Technic

Claus is responsible for the finances and economics at Micro Technic and has been a driving force in implementing our ERP system since 2016.

Tanja Fie Maj Project Coordinator Micro Technic
Tanja Fie Maj

Project Coordinator

[email protected]+45 66 15 30 00

Tanja is currently on maternity leave.

Tanja’s role at Micro Technic is to manage and execute our internal organizational projects. Tanja works on optimizing and automating workflows and processes.

Signe N. Wiborg Administrative Assistant
Signe N. Wiborg

Administrative Assistant

[email protected]+45 66 15 30 00

Signe’s role, at Micro Technic, is very broad and touches both our economics and procurement offices. She has a sharp eye on our deliveries and manages them so that everything gets delivered correctly.

Keld Ravnmark

SBU Manager, EMS

[email protected]+45 27 80 49 59

Keld has more than 25 years of experience within the electronics industry. He is a well-respected account manager whether it is projects involving R&D activities or providing partners with production capacity within industrial electronics.

Linda Drud Søgaard

Marketing and Sustainability Lead

[email protected]+45 29 61 35 50

Linda is the primary point of contact for any inquiries regarding delivery and status on any matters related to the customer’s orders and projects. Additionally, Linda is responsible for all marketing activities and has a leading role within SDG.

Jakob Skovgaard

Director of Sales

[email protected]+45 31 75 18 28

Jakob has great expertise in operational optimization and boosting business performance. Jakob is capable of identifying effective solutions to enhance our client’s business operations.

Thea Knudsen

Marketing & Communications Assistant

[email protected]+45 31 75 18 10

Thea is responsible for both internal and external communication tasks. She is responsible for managing our online content and strategizing our marketing concepts.

Magnus Ølgård

Student, Sales

[email protected]+45 66 15 30 00

Magnus is one of our student workers and is part of our sales office. His primary tasks are desk research and market development, and he helps with different ad hoc assignments as well. Magnus is studying business economics and finds management of finances and optimization of returns exciting.

Anders Qvistgaard Sørensen Micro Technic Employee
Anders Qvistgaard Sørensen

CTO & Innovation Director

[email protected]+45 31 75 18 08

Anders is the main technology architect for our IoT solutions, Skylark. He possesses a strong know-how on hardware solutions and has a terrific track record in doing Design-For-Manufacturing projects. He is also the inventor and host of our Engineering Campfire events.

Anders is also part of our sales team where he helps customers understand how our Skylark can add value to their business.

Christian T. Ahler

R&D & Project Manager

[email protected]+45 66 15 30 00

Christian is the head of our R&D department and coordinates our different projects in the department. Here he optimizes the department’s processes and ensures an effective workflow.

Karl R. Olsen

Software Manager

[email protected]+45 66 15 30 00

Karl has an outstanding track record when it comes to designing embedded solutions. He is capable of designing complex solutions and making them look easy. He is a highly valued member of our R&D team as well as by all our customers, who have been working with him.

Lars B. Frederiksen

Senior Electronics Engineer

[email protected]+45 66 15 30 00

Lars is our senior electronic engineer primarily focusing on hardware on various customized projects. Lars loves to take on unique and challenging projects.

Simon Juul Møller

Electronics Engineer, Skylark

[email protected]+45 66 15 30 00

Simon is our electronic engineer with a focus on our own IoT solutions, Skylark. His time and efforts are devoted to creating and developing IoT for a sustainable world.

Jonas Holmgren

Electronics Engineer, Software

[email protected]+45 66 15 30 00

Jonas’s role at Micro Technic is focused on software solutions. He always works on developing and ensuring software designs that meet the customer’s specific needs.

Artiom Cugunov

Electronics Engineer, Software

[email protected]+45 66 15 30 00

Artiom’s main focus is delivering great software solutions to our customers and helping to develop our IoT solutions.  Artiom works with engineering great and sustainable solutions for the future. 

Axel Soll

Electronics Engineer, Software

[email protected]+45 66 15 30 00

Axel is one of our competent software engineers. One of Axel’s main focuses is cybersecurity and how this can be implemented in an effective manner.

Jakob Lorenzen

Electronics Engineer, Hardware

[email protected]+45 66 15 30 00

As a hardware engineer, Jakob is all about finding the right solutions and working with the product from every possible angle. Jakob’s work approach is very methodical and will always ensure a thorough analysis. 

Jesper Jensen

Electronics Engineer, Hardware

[email protected]+45 31 75 18 10

Jesper is detail-oriented in his work approach and always keen on finding the right solutions for our customers. Some of Jesper’s main tasks at Micro Technic are ECAD and layout.

Allan Lassensen

Electronics Engineer, Embedded Software

[email protected]+45 66 15 30 00

Allan is part of our electrical engineering team and he is also part of our IoT team working on our SKylark series. Allan is focused on delivering sustainable solutions for our customers.  

Mathias Jensen

Electronics Engineer, Hardware

[email protected]+45 66 15 30 00

Mathias loves solving problems and finding solutions. Mathias is especially experienced in hardware solutions. 

Grown man, professional head shot photo.
René A. Nielsen

Production Manager

[email protected]+45 30 25 32 16

René Anderskov Nielsen oversees production operations at Micro Technic, leveraging his extensive experience to optimize efficiency and productivity. With a hands-on leadership style, he works closely with his team to implement innovative solutions and drive continuous improvement throughout production.

Anita M. Jensen

SMT Manager

[email protected]+45 66 15 30 00

Anita is the Head of our SMT department. She manages order coordination and is responsible for the production of prototypes. She also prepares vision programs on our screener.

Jacob R. Hussak

Test Manager

[email protected]+45 66 15 30 00

Jacob is the head of our Test department. Jacob coordinates the orders that come in and the handover of tested equipment and products to our customers. He is also responsible for coordinating the training of our Electronics Technicians Apprentices and the receiving office for the RMA cases.

Pia L. Vernegren

Manager Leaded and Box-Build

[email protected]+45 66 15 30 00

Pia oversees the production process of individual components (leaded) and our electronic products’ final assembly (box-build). Her responsibilities include managing production schedules, optimizing assembly processes, coordinating inventory, and ensuring adherence to quality standards and regulatory requirements.

Allan Juhl Hansen

Procurement Manager

[email protected]+45 66 15 30 00

Allan is our purchasing manager and has created many partnerships throughout the years. He has a strong reputation for being a fair, committed, yet strong negotiator when it comes to pricing and terms in our purchasing efforts.

Lene N. Thomsen


[email protected]+45 66 15 30 00

Lene is our very skilled purchaser, who has a great insight into the processes at Micro Technic from her experience as our first SMT operator.

Tine Halling


[email protected]+45 66 15 30 00

Tine’s primary task is order confirmation and she has a sharp eye on the fluxation of product prices and delivery dates. Tine is also responsible for keeping track of the orders and making sure we have the needed components for our customers.

Charlotte R. Hansen


[email protected]+45 66 15 30 00

Charlotte is part of our competent procurement team with a role as purchaser. With a degree as a purchasing assistant with a specialization in B2B trading, Charlotte has a great understanding of both our internal and external purchasing processes.

Thore Lund Jensen

Quality Manager

[email protected]+45 66 15 30 00

Thore is our quality manager, who, in collaboration with production, makes sure we are in compliance with our ISO9001 and ISO14001.

Michael Andersen

Production Assistant

[email protected]+45 66 15 30 00

Michael is working in the production engineering department, making sure new and modified customer orders are optimized for production. Additionally, he is also responsible for the AI of the prints.

Annette Jeppesen

Production Assistant

[email protected]+45 66 15 30 00

Annette is working in the production engineering department. Her finest job is to create the right connection between the customer’s order and the production to ensure an optimized flow.

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