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Skylark PRO allows you to monitor multiple sensor values and parameters online, providing you with important insights. Using a unique low-power technology, the Skylark PRO can be powered by batteries and/or solar panels.

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Sustainable and

Skylark PRO is an advanced IoT device offering multifunctional data collection and a sustainable solution powered by green energy options, e.g. solar power options.

Skylark PRO has 16 high-precision analogue inputs and 8 digital inputs and outputs. In addition, it offers a quick collection of a larger amount of data using a high-speed modem (5G / 4G) or WiFi. The IoT data logger works completely independently of your network using integrated wireless solutions.

Skylark PRO integrates hardware and software into a single solution without requiring a major investment. Skylark PRO is intuitive and easily configurable, making your journey toward digitization as smooth as possible.

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Skylark PRO IoT Micro Technic

Skylark PRO IoT devices have been designed with a flexible wireless/cellular platform. In a world that is
becoming more and more wireless, Skylark PRO provides a broad-range connectivity solution making
data available to you, whether it is inside a production hall, in remote locations, or anything in between.

High-speed modems provide low latency and broadband connectivity to your application, enabling fast data transmission close to real-time. We also support low frequency 5G (450MHz), enabling deep penetration of data communication with low latency, ideal for applications placed underground or on remote sites. All modems have a fallback option; thus, you will stay connected even in areas where coverage is unstable or momentarily unavailable.

When it comes to applications that have limited or critical power resources and are battery-powered, NB-IoT/Cat-M is the perfect solution. It is designed for remote applications where the update frequency is not as important as the data received. This solution is ideal in situations where connectivity and low power consumption are crucial.

LoRaWAN network is a compelling communication standard for places where Ethernet/WiFi or cellular connectivity is not applicable LoRaWan will offer an outstanding Low-power radio connection and enable communication over long distances. It is far superior to other low-frequency radio communication platforms with the ability to synchronize your IoT devices.

Still, it is well-suited for applications with limited power resources or battery-powered data collection.

Skylark PRO IoT devices support connectivity thru Ethernet (cable) and WiFI (wireless) in buildings, factories, or other facilities with Ethernet available. You can even use our IoT devices as an access point to secure your smooth data transmission within industrial automation applications. We offer increased security in our firmware which prevents any use case from being compromised. We support Industry 4.0 integration to all major ERP-system thru APIs or as a node in our Node-Red software tool.

We are using NFC to enable the setup of devices using our mobile app. Just scan the devices and easily connect them to the Skylark IoT platform. This makes it incredibly easy to add devices to the IoT platform without having to authenticate devices as all MQTT setup is done.

This makes it incredibly easy to add devices to the IoT platform without having to authenticate devices, as all MQTT setup is done automatically.

Skylark PRO devices have Bluetooth connection, which can be used for connecting Bluetooth sensors or using your mobile phone/device as an operator panel for the Skylark PRO device.

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