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Kubo is a code solution specially designed for children aged 4 to 10+. Tailored for educational purposes, Kubo harnesses coding to facilitate learning in spelling and arithmetic.

We helped Kubo develop and later manufacture their learning robot to create a fun and interactive way for children to learn about coding.

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A creative coding solution

Kubo coding for children

Early on, we chose to focus on our core abilities, namely developing learning technology for children. We needed a partner who was able to support us with the development and production of our learning robot. Here, Micro Techninc turned out to be the perfect partner for our endeavours.”

Daniel Friis Lindegaard
CTO, Director, co-founder of Kubo

The Background

Recognizing our increasing reliance on technology, Kubo wanted to empower children to not only consume but also comprehend and create with technology. Through hands-on, intuitive coding experiences, Kubo aims to shape a future where every child is equipped with the skills and confidence to thrive in our tech-driven world.

The Need

Kubo needed help visualising, developing and manufacturing their idea about an innovative learning robot that would help introduce coding in a fun and interactive way to young children.

What they needed was a partner who could support them in visualising their idea into reality.

Micro Technic your

Micro Technic er din kompetente alt-i-en løsning

The Solution

Micro Technic presented a comprehensive solution to Kubo by seamlessly managing every aspect, including software, hardware, prototyping, manufacturing, and box-build. This approach ensured a streamlined process where all components were efficiently handled under one roof, contributing to a cohesive and integrated development journey for Kubo.

Kubo - Cases - Teaching - Education with IoT
Kubo Learning Robot Development R&D

The Result

The result we achieved together with Kubo was a small, smart, and interactive robot that seamlessly blends play and coding for children. Through our collaboration, we’ve crafted a user-friendly, plug-and-play solution that is now making a significant impact in countries all over the world.

As a company specializing in developing, prototyping, electronic manufacturing, and box-build services, we were able to help with every step of Kubo’s journey, guiding the process from the initial idea to the completion of the finished product.

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