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Project Automation has been active for over 30 years in environmental monitoring. We collaborated on an IoT solution that ensures alerts and secure citizens against flooding.

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Environmental monitoring

Frank Max Laursen Micro Technic CEO

Our technology has proved so effective that it is now being used in other parts of Italy and southern Europe. We ensure that crucial data is accessible to our customers precisely when they require it.”

Frank Max Laursen
CEO Micro Technic

The background

The escalating issue of climate change is affecting Italy as well, with heavy rain showers causing significant problems such as flooded roads and the potential for catastrophic landslides.

Project Automation is actively engaged in weather monitoring to prevent costly damages from floods and landslides.

Project Automations S.p.A - Cases
Project Automation S.p.A - Cases

The need

Recognizing the critical need for enhanced weather monitoring in Italy, Project Automation sought a data logger solution with the capability to connect with several different sensors. The objective was to collect and transmit vital weather data seamlessly through the radio network to the Italian authorities.

They needed a system that would be resilient to the diverse weather conditions and operate with minimal power consumption. They also needed an alternative energy source that would make it possible for the system to be laid out on Sardegna’s many mountains.

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The solution

The solution for Project Automation was our ruggedized IoT datalogger with the ability to connect many sensors at once. A low power model with a combination of solar cells and batteries as the only energy source to collect and transit crucial weather data.

The IoT solution collects data on how much it rains, the wind direction and strength and humidity. To prevent dangerous situations to occur, the system also looks at the cloud formations and high and low pressures.

Casebillede - Project Automation S.p.A
Case - Project Automation S.p.A

The result

The result is an automatic and continuously monitoring of weather conditions. The large amount of advanced data provide different possibilities for analyzing the weather locally. With intelligent systems it will show some connections that was not possible to see before.

The result of logging weather data is that we can warn the locals about storms and hazardous weather, so they can take their precautions. It also gives insight on how to build buildings, roads and bridges that suits the new weather conditions.

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