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Cautus Geo specializes in early warning systems in unstable land areas. We collaborated on an IoT solution that ensures alerts before critical events.

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Surveying for safety

Anders Qvistgaard Sørensen Micro Technic Employee

Cautus Geo has chosen Micro Technic since the vibrating wire interface we have developed is quite unique. With Cautus Geo’s own word: is it the best on the market.

Anders Qvistgaard Sørensen
CTO & Innovation Director, Micro Technic

The background

Climate changes are a growing problem and can pose a severe threat to people, infrastructure and constructions. Especially in the harsh environment in Norway, avalanches and landslides can be dangerous.

Cautus Geo is working with surveying for safety where monitoring and early warning can be the difference between life and death.

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The need

First and foremost, Cautus Geo needed a data logger with the capacity to collect many data and send crucial warnings in time to secure the Norwegian people.

They needed a system powered by alternative energy enabling it to be laid out in the mountains. Furthermore, the electronics should be able to withstand the large temperature fluctuations that can be observed in Norway.

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The solution

The solution for Cautus Geo is a customized and ruggedized IoT datalogger with the ability to collect many data at once. The low power model get energy from solar cells or other energy sources and can handle from minus 40 to plus 85 degrees.

The IoT solution is designed to lie dormant until it picks up critical movements. If the sensors pick up critical movements, the IoT system sends a warning. The system uses a technology called vibrating wire where sensors can pick up even minimal changes in the rocks.

The result

The result is an automatic and continuously monitoring of unstable land areas, which is an effective solution to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

Critical knowledge about climate changes create security and safety for the people living near unstable land areas. We see the severe climate changes all over, and with insights the result of early warning can make a difference in saving lives.

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