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Sustainable manufacturing is good for the environmental and for your bottom line. With IIoT data from your production, you will have the insight to increase your overall equipment effectiveness and gain a competitive advantage in your market.

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Ineffectivenesscosts money

If manufacturers want to gain a competitive advantage, they must reduce costs, increase productivity and focus on sustainability. Getting the most out of resources and eliminating the inefficient production processes is essential when bringing a business to the next level.

Inefficiency emerges when manufactures lack necessary insights within the overall equipment effectiveness, causing unnecessary use of resources and production stop.

A faulty machine will produce output of lower quality which can go unnoticed before it breaks down. Unexpected production stops are a challenge but finding reasons for and the duration of the stops can lead to decrease in your overall costs and performance.

Sustainable Development Goals

We want to help manufactures to be able to make sustainable choices based on insights from their production. In order to ensure this, we work on realizing targets from Sustainable Development Goals 9 and 12.

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Sustainable production with IIoT

Micro Technic wants to make a difference by encouraging manufacturing companies to adopt sustainable practices and increase their resource-use efficiency.

With the Skylark IIoT solutions we can monitor any process in the production line giving you the insights that allows you to analyze and improve production.

We are engaged in the manufacturing processes since insights with IIoT gives you the benefit of increased uptime and optimized machineries and resource-use.

Our focus on simplicity provides IIoT dataloggers that easily can be retrofitted as an add-on solution to your existing systems, giving you data within 10 minutes.

We transform your ideas to IoT solutions customized to fit your needs.

Our standard IoT Solution Skylark may not solve your challenges.

We want to be your innovative partner. The Engineering Campfire is a creative IoT workshop where our talented engineers help transform your vision and great ideas to IoT solutions that improve and adds value to your business.

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  • Cautus Geo - Cautus Geo ensures peoples safety with early warning systems in unstable land areas. We collaborated on an IoT monitoring solutions for avalanches and landslides.
  • Project Automation - Project Automation monitor weather conditions in order to prevent damages from floods and landslides. We collaborated on an IoT  solution that ensures alerts and secure citizens against flooding.
  • Swarco Technologies - Swarco Technologies works with traffic management solutions for a better quality of life in our cities and communities. We collaborated on an IoT monitoring solution for traffic in Amsterdam.

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