Skylark Logger

IoT solutions for industry 4.0 and remote applications – easy setup and flexible solutions

The Skylark logger is the simple choice for monitoring various data and is working entirely independent of your network.

The Skylark datalogger are integrating both hardware and software in an one fits all solution without the requirements of a larger investment. In contrast to many other similar products, Skylark logger is intuitive and easy configurable making your journey towards digitalization  as smooth as possible.

With your personal Dashboard, you are able to monitor your data, and with build-in notification features, you can define various thresholds and get notified if exceeded.





Easy configuration and programming with Node-Red

With the browser-based editor it’s easy to wire together flows from software to hardware using the wide range of pre-build nodes or custom build nodes. With a single click your flows can be deployed to it’s runtime.


Whats included in the Skylark Gateway

The intelligent gateway comes with integrated I/O for sensors and wireless communication. While the gateway is easy to connect to the mains, it’s also designed as an extreme low powered device, which makes it fully compatible for battery-powered or remote applications. 

While the gateway is easily configured, we have also made it simple to compile and program tools with the included Node-Red application.

Through your personal cloud-based dashboard you can easily configure and present impressive visual presentations of your processed data.


Skylark Functions

  • 16 programmable analogue inputs (8 x 4-20mA, 8 x ±10V)

  • 24 bit resolution

  • Up to 125 kSPS

  • 8 x Digital inputs

  • 8 x Digital outputs

  • SDI-12

  • CAN-bus

IoT solutions

Simple and easy installation

Connect sensors to the gateway
Initial installation 25%
Connect gateway to mains
Installation 50%
Access your Omnia cloud to verify sensors
Verify sensor connection 75%
Define notifications and dashboard
Completion 100%


  • Ai
  • DI
  • Do
  • CAN
  • RS485
  • RSZ32
  • SDI-12

Use your existing network on a seperate VLAN with ethernet or WiFi to communicate directly to our secure Omnia Cloud

With low power consumption, low cost and secure data transmission the LoRaWAN network is a compelling communication standard for places where ethernet/WiFi is not applicable or you want the communication independent of your corporate network.

With low data transmissions and battery powered devices NB-IoT is suitable for remote applications and applications where the update frequency is less important than the data received.

With a 4G modem you are able to send and receive more data to the application without the same limits as NB-IoT. This makes the 4G modem compelling for applications where frequently data is essential an critical.

NFC for easy configuration and setup