We build your electronics

HMD production

Micro Technic are specialists in the production of electronics for industrial and technology applications mainly.

For more than 40 years, we have provided solutions for industry in product development and manufacturing of customer-specified electronics and software.

Our in-house development department provides know-how in electronics design and Design-for-manufacturing. Combined with our highly advanced electronics manufacturing facility, we are your competent partner at all levels in manfacturing of industrial electronics and systems.




Succeding on all of these three elements is critical for our loyal customers and the foundation to our business.

We build your electronics

Out-sourcing and flexibility.

Manufacturing of electronics have moved this highly specialized part of the production to many specialized vendors for a number reason. Firstly, manufacturing electronics require a special expertise and equipment that is difficult to maintain in the rapid development of this high tech field. Secondly it requires a certain volume of production to keep manufacturing price and materials costs competitive. Thirdly, succesful companies often focuses on their core business, out-sourcing of their electronics productions provides them flexibility and competitivity.