Electronics assembly – That meets your time schedule and strategy.

Micro Technic is offering all services within electronics manufacturing service (EMS). From assembly of prototype PCBs to mass manufacturing of systems and products, we can be your one-stop EMS provider supplying you with your products fully tested, assemblied and in your packaging material. We can even take care of the shipping of your products to your end customers and clients.

In short, we are your electronics manufacturer and logistics partner, that provides a turn-key solution that makes sure that you get your products when you need them – and at a price that meets your budget/target. In doing so, we let you focus on your business – thereby forming the best possible foundations for a succesful business.

In this section we will present the various processes in our production and our competencies within electronics manufacturing (EMS).

Testing & programming
VMI Vendor Managed Inventory
We build your electronics
We build your electronics