PCB Layout

Micro Technic has its own design department, which is responsible for print publishing of both own and partly customer products.

We have solid experience with printing print in PADS, but can also import data from other systems eg. via netlist files.

The advantage you get by using Micro Technic over a PCB layout company is that Micro Technic has accumulated the entire expertise for a while.

Our designs are created so that they can be produced and often made the print-out in close cooperation between designers and our PTA department. We have thus accumulated all the competencies that both ensure the product’s functionality while at the same time producing the product optimally in terms of production costs and quality.

Micro Technic is a full-service EMS collaborator, and participates in customer projects from the conceptual phase to the continuous production of the product. Whichever stage of development your project is on, we will be able to guide you through all phases. We offer competent advice and service just the stage you need.

The phase from print output to production is extremely critical if you have no insight into electronics production. The most frequent errors are shown by:

  • Lack of fiducial brands.
  • Shrinkage and soldering masks.
  • Reduction on stencil.
  • Wrong choice of print technology.
  • Layout design according to EMC standards, etc. 

These and other problems that may be attributed to the print layout can be avoided by involving Micro Technic as early as possible in the development process.

At the same time, there will be clear lines in relation to the placement of liability for error production due to poor printing.

At Micro Technic, you will be competent throughout the entire print deployment phase, ranging from diagram drawing to ready-made print in continuous production.

In short: All competencies under one roof!


The customer owns the right to the product. Therefore, Micro Technic can not produce or sell the originally specified product to anyone other than the customer.

The customer owns the production right and all I / P rights to the developed product.

A copy of the prepared documentation is handed to the customer and the customer is able to get the product produced from an alternative supplier.

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