Engineering Camp Fire

Micro Technic is your co-operating partner when designing your product

Experience shows that the need for crisp and clear communication is crucial for the development of electronic products. Often it appears that production in eg. China on the long run can be far more expensive than production in Denmark – precisely because of communication and quality differences.

Micro Technic has more than 40 years of experience with production engineering optimization and we are competitive in comparison to production in Asia.

Micro Technic offers an “Engineering Camp Fire”-Concept, where we collaborate on the design and manufacturing of your product.

An Engineering Camp Fire typically lasts between 4 hours and up to 2 days. Your experts are invited to Micro Technic, where you present your design a nd tell us about your expectations.

Your company is represented at Micro Technic throughout the process, and together we work on redesign, cost minimization with respect to the required functionality snd quality level.

Micro Technic can produce a prototype and support with know-how as well as concrete input on alternative modules or cheaper components. Our Engineering Camp Fire solution is your short-cut to Design For Manufacturering within electronics assembly.

Essentially, production can take place in Denmark – focusing on flexibility, lead time, price and high quality.

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We build your electronics
We build your electronics