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Through meticulous attention to detail, proactive problem-solving, and the effective use of technology, the PTA team ensures that every product meets the standards needed.

Thore Lund, Annette Jeppesen & Michael Andersen PTA Production employees

Unveiling the Expertise Behind Unwavering Quality

In the intricate world of electronics manufacturing, precision and quality are paramount. At Micro Technic, our skilled PTA team safeguards this level of excellence. The PTA team goes beyond a typical quality control unit; they are a collaborative powerhouse that streamlines production, optimizes workflows and ensures quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Details & Detective Work

At the helm of the PTA team is Thore, our Quality Manager with over 22 years of experience. Thore’s team meticulously scrutinizes every aspect of production, much like a detective. His keen eye for detail enables identifying and eliminating potential issues before they escalate into production delays.

Our diverse skillset within the team allows us to tackle challenges from both a practical and technical standpoint,” explains Thore. “This collaborative approach makes us valuable partners for both Development and Production, fostering innovative solutions that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Thore’s vision extends beyond internal optimization. “We offer a rather unique service – tailored feedback for our individual customers,” he elaborates. “By thoroughly reviewing PCBs before production begins, we can suggest expert adjustments that lead to significant cost and resource savings. For instance, we helped our client avoid costly delays with a simple tweak to their PCB design before production.

Bridging the Gap Between Vision and Reality

Annette, our Production Assistant, is a crucial bridge between the customer’s vision and the production’s concrete tasks. She’s a problem-solver at heart and thrives on streamlining processes and identifying smart solutions for both colleagues and customers.

My core task is to transform complex customer data into a format that’s easily understood by our team and various machines,” explains Annette. “By creating detailed instructions for each PCB design, I ensure a smooth and efficient production process, minimizing potential disruptions.

Annette’s passion is evident when she describes the impact of her work. “The most rewarding aspect? Seeing a project seamlessly transition from vision to completion due to my instruction guides,” she beams. “It’s like translating complex data into a clear roadmap and ultimately giving my colleagues a way to succeed.

How AOI Technology Safeguards Quality

Completing the PTA team is Michael, our IPC-certified specialist with a deep understanding of quality assurance principles and an unwavering pursuit of efficiency. Michael wields our AOI machine with the precision of a modern-day wizard, designing thorough optical inspections of customers’ PCBs. AOI stands for “Automated Optical Inspection. AOI is a method used to inspect and ensure the quality of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and other electronic components. AOI machines utilize sophisticated visual techniques, including high-resolution cameras and advanced image processing, to meticulously scan and analyze components and solder joints on a circuit board.

Micheal’s enthusiasm is clear when he talks about the AOI machine. “While visual inspection can be time-consuming, the AOI machine is my secret weapon!” exclaims Michael. “I can collaborate with cutting-edge technology to identify hidden defects that could cause major problems for our customers. It’s a rewarding task that keeps our products top-notch and ultimately ensures our customers receive the highest quality electronics.

By proactively identifying and rectifying potential errors, the PTA team safeguards Micro Technic and our customers from costly delays and resource expenditures. Their unwavering dedication to quality, from Thore’s detective work to Annette’s clear communication and Michael’s passion for inspection, forms the foundation of our success and ensures our customers receive products of the highest caliber.

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