The Expertise Behind Through-Hole Technology

THT provides the benefits of flexibility and robust connections, and our team collaborates to deliver superior quality outcomes for our customers.

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The Expertise Behind Through-Hole Technology

The Human Touch: The Magic of Through-Hole Technology (THT) at Micro Technic

At Micro Technic, our highly skilled THT department is where experienced technicians meticulously hand place and solder larger electronic components or those requiring specialized attention beyond the capabilities of our SMT machines. Precision and meticulous focus are paramount, ensuring flawless placement on every PCB.


THT: A Powerful Combination of Technology and Expertise

Our THT department utilizes a powerful combination of advanced tools and meticulous manual processes to ensure the highest quality results for larger components and those requiring specialized attention. Yasmin, a dedicated Production Assistant, thrives on the deep focus and meticulous nature of THT work. “It requires a laser focus on the PCB I’m working on, and achieving that level of concentration is surprisingly satisfying. I find it incredibly rewarding to be fully immersed in my different tasks every day,” she says.


THT vs. SMT: Choosing the Right Technology for the Job

SMT (Surface-Mount Technology) and THT are distinct approaches to electronics assembly. SMT excels in high-volume production of compact devices. Its miniaturized components enable high-density designs, with automated assembly ensuring speed and cost-effectiveness.

THT, on the other hand, is ideal for applications requiring:

  • Larger components
  • Manual assembly flexibility
  • Robust mechanical connections – perfect for applications experiencing stress or vibration


Winnie, another THT Production Assistant, emphasizes the responsibility and ownership associated with the THT work. “You take individual accountability for the quality of every PCB you handle,” she explains. “However, it’s a collaborative effort! We have a strong sense of teamwork, constantly supporting each other and sharing our best practices. In fact, I recently decided to become an electronics operator to further enhance my ability to assist my colleagues.”


A Look Inside Our THT Department

Here’s a glimpse into how our THT department operates:

  • Information & Prep: The THT team meticulously reviews detailed instructions and carefully selects components for the PCBs they’ll be working on.
  • Pre-Assembly & Soldering: Components are meticulously placed and then wave-soldered for efficient, reliable connections.
  • Inspection & Finishing: Rigorous visual and automated checks ensure quality before any remaining components are hand-soldered.
  • Testing & Out the Door: The PCBs then head to testing for final approval before reaching you!


Our Dedicated Technicians

Barbara, a seasoned THT veteran with almost 16 years of experience, highlights the collaborative spirit and the inherent satisfaction of creation when working with THT. “Problem-solving is a big part of THT,” she says. “We work closely with our SMT, PTA, and Test departments. It’s truly a team effort, and when everything comes together – everyone contributes to solving a challenge, and when I see the finished product – that’s incredibly fulfilling. The sense of creation is truly rewarding.”


Micro Technic: Where Expertise Meets Dedication

At Micro Technic, we are proud of our THT department and the skilled technicians who bring their expertise and dedication to the table every day. Their meticulous work and collaborative spirit ensure the highest quality results for our clients.

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