Micro Technic Strengthens the Team with Pia L. Vernegren

Micro Technic is proud to introduce Pia L. Vernegren as our new THT and Box-Build department manager.

Pictures of Pia L. Vernegren from Micro Technic

Micro Technic welcomes Pia L. Vernegren as THT & Box-Build Manager

Micro Technic proudly introduces Pia L. Vernegren as our new THT and Box-Build department manager.


With 22 years of experience in the electronics industry, Pia brings in-depth knowledge and expertise to our team. Her career began in 2002 as a production employee in electronics, and her passion for the field has been a driving force throughout her career. During her early school years, Pia’s interest in electronics started when she was fascinated by how small components can create complex systems.


After a long and successful career at her previous employer, where she advanced through the ranks to a coordinator role, Pia decided it was time for a change of pace. Pia saw the open position as Manager of Leaded (THT) and Box-Build at Micro Technic and was attracted by the opportunity to take on an official leadership role. “I felt it was time to try something new and take on more responsibility. Micro Technic seemed like an exciting company with many opportunities. I look forward to applying my practical experience to optimize production and strengthen team collaboration in the THT and Box-Build departments,” says Pia.


In her new role as department head for the THT and Box-Build departments at Micro Technic, Pia is responsible for ensuring that the departments run optimally. She coordinates various tasks and plans production based on the overall strategic pipeline. Pia’s practical experience provides her with a solid foundation for making well-informed decisions and implementing effective processes.


Pia has already contributed new ideas and strategies that have helped optimize our production and strengthen team collaboration. Her extensive experience and dedication to electronics make her an invaluable resource for our company.


I have had a great start here at Micro Technic. From day one, I have felt welcome, and the entire team has been very supportive and accommodating. This has made the transition to my new role much easier, and I look forward to continuing to contribute to our shared success,” Pia shares.


We look forward to seeing how Pia will continue to develop and improve our THT and Box-Build departments.

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