Micro Technic was founded in 1977. We have more than 40 years of experience in electronics design and manufacturing services for Danish as well as international customers. We have our own brand, Micronix, of products which helps our customers connect their products, assets and services to various monitoring solutions.

Three business units helping our customers to compete on a global scale

Our quite unique combination of having design capabilities and manufacturing competences under the same roof is the main reason for being able to deliver true Design-for-Manufacturing to all our loyal customers. Our three business units provides our customer with a full product life cycle support stretching from the idea to maturity and, ultimately, to end-of-life service.

We build your electronics

For more than four decades Micro Technic is a highly competent and innovative partner in all aspects of electronics development and manufacturing.

Our in-house development department offers hardware and software design solution on contract engineering basis.

IoT solutions

Having our design engineers under the same roof as our production facilities provides an invaluable asset when it comes to Design-for-Manufacturing – and a one-stop solution for our customer. 

We have an extensive expertise with embedded PC technology / IoT hardware through our range of standard products, like data loggers, intelligent sensors, gateway and wireless communication mod