Thore, our PTA detective 🕵️♂️

Meet Thore, our Quality Manager, who has been with Micro Technic for over 22 years. Thore sees the PTA department as detectives skilled at solving the problems that land on their desks.

Issues naturally find their way to the PTA team because of their skill set and experience, enabling them to tackle challenges effectively. Proficient in both practical and technical aspects, PTA serves as a valuable sparring partner for both our R&D and Production teams. Their dual approach allows them to excel in finding solutions that often evade others.

However, their work is not only internal:
“We provide a special service: tailored feedback for our customers, should they desire it. Before production begins, we meticulously review the circuit boards, offering expert optimizations. It’s not just a perk—it’s a game-changer. Case in point: we once saved a customer significant resources by suggesting a PCB design tweak pre-production.”

Thore loves that no two days are the same in the PTA department. He finds it incredibly rewarding to contribute to avoiding production stops and ensuring smooth operations for his colleagues through his work as Micro Technic´s very own detective.

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