The Secret Weapon Behind Efficient PCB Production? 🤷♀️
Meet Annette, our Production Assistant in the PTA department, who has been with Micro Technic for over 5 years. Annette loves to streamline processes and find smart solutions. She is a true problem solver who is always ready to help colleagues and customers.

Annette plays a central role in the PTA department as the bridge between customers and the company. She ensures that customer data is translated into a format that our colleagues and different devices can understand. In addition, she creates detailed instructions for each PCB design, ensuring an efficient production process.

Annette’s passion for her work shines through in her approach to helping her colleagues succeed. “Honestly, the best part?” she shares, “It’s when you see a project seamlessly fall into place because you were there to guide it. It’s like turning complex customer data into a roadmap, handing them the keys to success. And let me tell you, seeing them triumph knowing I played a part? That’s what it’s all about.”

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