The Human Touch: Meet Our Dedicated THT Technicians 🙌

Welcome back to our exploration of Through-Hole Technology (THT) at Micro Technic! Today, we’d like to introduce you to some of the exceptional individuals who bring their expertise and dedication to our THT department: Barbara, Winnie, and Yasmin.

Yasmin, THT Production Assistant:
Yasmin, one of our dedicated Production Assistants, thrives on the deep focus and meticulous nature of THT work. ” It requires a laser focus on the PCB I’m working on, and achieving that level of concentration is surprisingly satisfying. I find it incredibly rewarding to be fully immersed in my different tasks every day.”
Winnie, THT Production Assistant:
Winnie emphasises the responsibility and ownership associated with the THT work. “You take individual accountability for the quality of every PCB you handle,” she explains. “However, it’s a collaborative effort! We have a strong sense of teamwork, constantly supporting each other and sharing our best practices. In fact, I recently decided to become an electronics operator to further enhance my ability to assist my colleagues.”
Barbara, THT Production Assistant:
Finally, Barbara, a seasoned THT veteran with almost 16 years of experience, highlights the collaborative spirit and the inherent satisfaction of creation when working with THT. “Problem-solving is a big part of THT,” she says. “We work closely with our SMT, PTA, and Test departments. It’s truly a team effort, and when everything comes together – everyone contributes to solving a challenge, and when I see the finished product – that’s incredibly fulfilling. The sense of creation is truly rewarding.”

Stay tuned for future posts to learn more about Micro Technic!

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