Micro Technic at SDU Internship and Project Day for Engineers 👩🔧 👨💻 👷♀️

Wednesday we participated in Syddansk Universitet – University of Southern Denmark Internship and Project Day for Engineers. We are passionate about supporting the next generation of engineers and providing them hands-on experience through our diverse internship and finals project opportunities.
This year, Anders and Frank represented Micro Technic, engaging with students and showcasing the breadth of engineering projects we undertake.

“Interacting with the students was truly enriching. Their enthusiasm and curiosity about the engineering field are infectious. These conversations provide valuable insights into the future of engineering and help us tailor our internship programs to best equip them for success.” – Frank Max Laursen, CEO of Micro Technic

Anders echoed this sentiment, highlighting Micro Technic’s commitment to fostering young talent:

“We have a proven track record of nurturing interns into valued members of our team. In fact, several of our current engineers, including myself, embarked on our engineering journeys through internships at Micro Technic. We strategically seek interns each year, not only to identify and recruit top talent but also to contribute to the development of the next generation of engineers.” – Anders Qvistgaard Sørensen, CTO & Innovation Director

We are committed to providing a supportive and enriching internship experience that allows interns to gain hands-on experience, collaborate with experienced engineers, and make meaningful contributions to our innovative projects. Additionally, interns may qualify for part-time student employment after completing their internship, and there are opportunities to write final thesis projects with us.

If you are an engineering student seeking an internship that will challenge you, inspire you, and prepare you for a successful career, we encourage you to apply to Micro Technic. We are excited to help you discover your true engineering potential.
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P.S. We are currently seeking one intern per year to ensure a personalized and impactful experience. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to kickstart your engineering career!

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