Michael Might Not Be a Magician, But He Truly Works Wonders in Quality Control Using Our AOI! ✨🧙

Meet Michael, our IPC-certified specialist with a deep understanding of quality assurance and a passion for efficiency. With his expertise, Michael wields our AOI machine like an extension of himself, designing in-depth optical inspections of our customers’ PCBs.

Michael’s IPC certification gives him a solid background in quality standards for electronics manufacturing. He uses his knowledge to ensure that our PCBs meet their requirements. Michael is also a big advocate for efficiency and always strives to find smarter working processes.
Michael’s passion for his work is evident when discussing our AOI machine.

“Visual inspection of PCBs can be time-consuming, but the AOI machine is a valuable tool in my arsenal! It allows me to partner with advanced technology to find those sneaky defects that could cause havoc. It’s a rewarding challenge that keeps our products in tip-top shape.”

Michael’s work with the AOI machine is an important part of our quality control process. By inspecting the PCBs before the full-scale production starts, we can catch any potential errors and thus save time and resources for ourselves and our customers.

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