Behind the Scenes: The Magic of Through-Hole Technology (THT) ✨🔮

This week, we’re diving deeper into Through-Hole Technology (THT).
Our THT department utilizes a combination of advanced tools and meticulous manual processes to ensure the highest quality results for larger components and those requiring specialized attention.

THT vs. SMT: Choosing the Right Technology for the job 💪

Some might confuse SMT and THT for the same thing, but they are actually not quite the same.
SMT excels in high-volume production of compact electronic devices. Its miniaturized components enable high-density designs, while automated assembly processes ensure speed and cost-effectiveness.
THT is suitable for applications requiring larger components or manual assembly flexibility. Additionally, THT offers robust mechanical connections, making it ideal for applications experiencing stress or vibration.

👀 Here’s a glimpse into how we work in our THT department:

💡 Information & Prep:
Our THT team consult detailed instructions from our PTA and carefully selects components for the PCB they are going to work on.

👩🏭 Pre-Assembly & Soldering:
Components are meticulously placed and then wave-soldered for efficient, reliable connections.

🔎 Inspection & Finishing:
Rigorous visual and automated checks ensure quality before hand-soldering any remaining components.

📦 Testing & Out the Door:
The PCBs then head to testing for final approval before reaching you!
Stay tuned for our next post, where we’ll meet some amazing people from our THT team and gain a personal perspective on their experiences!

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