A big welcome to Rasmus, our new Data Analyst and Automation expert! 👨💻

We are excited to welcome Rasmus to the Micro Technic team as our new Data Analyst and Automation specialist. 

Rasmus is a problem-solver with a passion for data and efficient solutions. He helps us improve everyone’s workday by identifying areas for process optimization and automating manual tasks.

“Excel and Power Automate are my playgrounds! I am passionate about crafting clever solutions that free up my colleagues’ time and energy. My guiding principle is: ‘Keep it simple.’ The best solutions are elegant, and not overwhelming. The easier something is to use, the faster it gets adopted and the bigger the impact.” Rasmus, Data Analyst and Automation, Micro Technic

Rasmus is excited about his new role at Micro Technic. He appreciates the open culture where there is room to contribute new perspectives and his input is valued.

We are confident that Rasmus’ skills and enthusiasm will be a great asset to Micro Technic. We are delighted to have him on the team! 
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Would you like to learn more about Rasmus’ work? Write a comment or send him a message.

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