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Our SMT department offers a wide range of services, including prototype development and modifications of PCBs.
Anita, our SMT manager, has a special passion for prototype development. “I love using my experience and expertise to help customers create PCBs that not only meet the technical requirements but are also optimal for scaled-up production,” she says. The close proximity of our R&D department is also quite the bonus. It allows her to easily pop over and show them exactly what she’s working on, fostering smooth collaboration, and ensuring optimal results for our clients.
We also offer modifications of existing PCBs to meet specific customer requirements. Anja, an experienced employee in the SMT department, enjoys working on these challenging tasks. “It requires a steady hand and a keen eye,” she says. “But that’s also what makes it fun.”
Whether you need prototype development, modifications, or mass production, we can help you.

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