Prototype Service

Micro Technic can deliver your prototype in 8 hours

Today, product processing and shorttime delivery are deciding factors. At Micro Technic we provide each customer our best service in price, leadtime and flexibility.

Based on few information about the your new design, Micro Technic are able to give your company an estimate of the assembly costs of your next prototype.

Our competencies in product maturity and short deliverytimes make logistics become an even more crucial factor than before. At Micro Technic we do our utmost to ensure that the individual customer gets the right mix of price, flexibility and delivery time.

Hardware Design & Development

Micro Technic offers consultancy early in the development process, and we provide support in relation to product development and production consulting. Our development department, who has extensive experience with IoT design and embedded technology, is ready to serve you.

Get connected with our team of design engineers at contact@micro-technic,com or use the form below.

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